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Lisky continues its Leadership in Bangladesh market

Special Correspondent of Apparel News

Lisky-the world-famous textile machine manufacturer and supplier, that provides complete knit 2 solutions, has been holding up its first position in the Bangladesh market for many years. Lisky is the highest seller of machinery Bangladesh RMG market (5700+ installments). Lisky Technology (BD) Ltd. has been able to keep n up the Crown untouched owing to its innovative 2-technology of the modern era, quick response to the demand of time, very special in After Sales Service and too caring to the clients.

Lisky is mainly manufacturer and Supplier of “LISKY” brand Circular Knitting & Flat Knitting Machines having ish plants in Taiwan. Lisky ese Technology (BD) Ltd deals ved with Textile-Knit-Dying & al- Finishing Projects with 20 years of experiences. Lisky has also been working as “Textile Consultant’ for setting up complete Knitting Industry/Project. Besides Manufacturing Lisky brand machines, Lisky also deals with the like: (1) machineries Dryer, Stenter, Squeezer: “Alea” brand of Italy, which is one of the oldest, famous, and specialized. Finishing Manufacturer; Fabric Dyeing: which is one of the oldest, famous and specialized Finishing machines manfuacturer; (2) for Fabric Dyeing: “Krantz”, famous German/Turkish brand; (3) for Yarn Dyeing “Krantz”, Germany/ Turkey, which is world-renowned Dyeing Machine Manufacturer; (4) for Boiler “Long Chuan”, Taiwan, collaboration with Japan; (5) Computerized Sweater Jacquard Machine: Taiwan/China; Printing: Taiwan & Korea. Lisky has supplied many full-knit composite Projects in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Its main markets are India, Bangladesh, Mexico, (6) China, Turkey, etc. At the recently held 15th Dhaka Textile & International Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG) at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in Dhaka, Lisky exhibited machineries of upgraded technologies like- Super High-Speed machines, Low Liquor Ratio machines, Complete Jacquard Machines, etc. Lisky got huge response from the existing and would-be clients at the expo. During visiting the fair, it was seen that all the personnel at Lisky pavilion were too busy to dealing with the clients and visitors from 12:00 noon to 8:00pm at the pavilion No. 311. Some were showing the features of new machines to the enthusiastic visitors; some were talking to the visitors; some were busy to entertain the visitors & clients with a cup of coffee, snacks, or lunch. 
MD of Lisky Tech (BD) Shoquet Rashed Mamun along with Mr James Lin, Chairman of Lisky Technology Co. Ltd at DTG pavilion


At the pavilion, Mr. Shoquet Rashed Mamun, Managing Director of Lisky Technology (BD) Ltd gave a few minutes to talk regarding the feedback at the expo. Mr. Mamun told The Apparel News: “The response is “Excellent” if I tell in a word. All the existing clients including Square, Metro, Knit Concern, Mandal, Epilion, Masko, Norban visited my pavilion. They appreciated a lot. Some new deals were signed with few of them like Metro Knitting & Dyeing Mills Ltd, Knit Concern, etc. Many new clients enquired about our products. Follow-up will be done after the fair.” Mr. Mamun expressed hope that 2018 will go far better than the outgoing 2017. “I am very much hopeful over my business in the new year 2018. Some deals for ‘Krantz’ have also been signed in DTG exhibition. We have taken participation in the expo targeting the year 2018. You know that the Gas problem is going to be solved soon. As a result, entrepreneurs are showing interest to establish new projects and existing entrepreneurs are planning for more extensions. So, demand for our machineries will be increased in 2018 and sales volume will be geared up to a new height.”

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