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Innovations of

Lisky Technology

At Lisky Technology, we always love to make new innovations in design and tefchnology that will make our customers efficiency better.

What makes us unique?

Lisky Technology has continuously driven innovation in the field of circular and flat knitting, introducing groundbreaking advancements that enhance productivity, quality, and versatility. Here are some of their notable innovations.

Circular Knitting Technology

Innovation for Polyester Series

Sherpa Technology

Spacer with Mono-filament

Valor Series for Circular Knitting

Flat Knitting Technology

3D Technology for Flat Knitting

Lisky Technology has made significant strides in the realm of 3D knitting technology. By leveraging advanced techniques and machinery, they enable the production of three-dimensional knitted textiles. This innovation opens up new possibilities for creating intricate patterns, textures, and structures in flat-knitted fabrics.

Fine Gauge Services (18G & 20G) Collar Machine

Lisky Technology has introduced a specialized collar machine with fine gauge services, offering increased precision and detail in collar knitting. This innovation caters to the demand for finely crafted collars in various industries, including apparel and fashion.

Whole Garments Series (Sweater)

The Whole Garments Series by Lisky Technology revolutionizes sweater production by enabling the creation of seamless, fully fashioned garments. This innovation eliminates the need for sewing or linking, resulting in seamless, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing sweaters.

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