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Lisky Circular Knitting Machine

  • County of Origin: Taiwan
  • Attachment: Japan & Germany
  • Cylinder and cam materials: Alloy Steel Japan)

Single Jersey/Fleece/IFS Series


  • Special design of Cam, heat-radiation and dust-removal are easy, speed and wear-proof are high.
  • RPM is above 28 when Lycra units are applied.
  • Upper plate and Cam box have hidden air flow tunnel, dust can be cleaned on schedule and saves much time to clean the entire machine.
  • Oil-soaking gear with special filter inside, the noise is minimized. Special design of gear position setup, circularizing and leveling are more accurate, the abrasion hardness is much better. 
  • Special ring support makes more operating space, it’s simple and easy to adjust.

Applicable raw materials: Chemical fiber, blended yarn, cotton yarn, wool, silk, and so on.

Cylinder diameter Gauge Feeder RPM Power
18G ~36G
18G ~36G
138F ~ 240F
5.5KW ~10KW

Single Jersey High Speed Open-width Pst Series


  • Single closed-type Cam design with special steel material processes by CNC and special heat treatment, the wear-proof and interchangeability are high.
  • The main gear is lubricated by oil-soaking, the machine starts smoothly, the enhanced machine frame is firm and reliable, the operating noise, abrasion and power consumption are low
  • Unique and patent design of efficient open-width take down roller equips with hydraulic cushion, there won’t be any breaking mark on the fabrics when the machine suddenly stops during high-speed operation.
  • The special design of the spread roller makes fabrics roll down perfectly without folding mark, the fabrics is fully usable without waste, the cost is lower and the profit is high.
  • The whole structure is applied with advanced surface processing technique, machine surface quality, and antirust level are much improved, the fabrics quality easier to get controlled.

Applicable material: Chemical fiber, blended yarn, cotton yarn, wool and silk.

Cylinder diameter Gauge Feeder RPM Power

Double Jersey/rib Machine/dtSeries


  • Compare to traditional double jersey machine, our brand new high production double jersey machine can increase the production more than 50%, the fabrics surface is smooth, the fabrics line is clear and quality is perfect.
  • The processing precision of our high production double jersey machine series is much better than traditional machine, the needle plate and cylinder are made of special imported alloy steel, the quality is superior and durable.
  • The user-friendly design makes installation and interchanging of needle plate and cylinder easier. 
  • Individual yarn feeder adjustment and whole set yarn feeder interchanging is also easier, various demands of fabrics and operation habit can be met. And there is a high degree of wear resistance.
  • Our special process can make the whole structure more precise, it can reduce the shadow and defect of fabrics.

Applicable material: Chemical fiber, blended yarn, cotton yarn, wool and silk.

Cylinder diameter Gauge Feeder RPM Power
12 "~42"

Double Jersey Fine Gauge 42G Kniting Machine


  • Special design of Knit cam, precise without gap, easy to adjust, there is no vibrate when machine start running.
  • Special design of Cam, cover with large area, and easy operate with Lycra.
  • Special design of Cylinder, running with high speed without fluff.
  • Transmission system has been optimization, it become more precise and stable. This fabrics can use for high class down coat, underwear, and swimsuit.
  • This fabrics is very smooth, and the shadow of fabrics is very light.

Applicable material: Chemical fiber, blended yarn, cotton yarn, and silk.

Cylinder diameter Gauge Feeder RPM Power
30 "~34"

Single jersey 4/6 color auto striper


We cost three years to improve our original model, after we running successful, now we present a high speed, maturity and leading edge product.

  • Patented auto striper head is easy to operate, stable and durable
  • Main gear use special brisk design, it can save more than 1/4 power consumption compared with same type machine.
  • Top and bottom oil-soaking design, the noise is minimized and it can reduce transmission wear down.
  • We processed with high quality treatment to improve this machine’s precision, to reach the high speed running situation without wrong color, And according client’s need as 36’64F six color or 36″90F four color maximun capacity production.
  • It can fit with a lot of material, like continuous filament, staple fiber, and cotton all can easy knitting
  • With Japan color selecting system, it can long-term use with low failure rate.
Cylinder diameter Gauge Feeder RPM Power
28 "~44 "
54F ~ 80F

Single Jersey 60" Knit Machine


  • This machine is made of steel, it is very solid and stable.
  • This machine can use three-feeder or six-feeder conversion, it is very easy to switch.
  • This machine is using a slitting system, which makes fabrics roll down easily.
  • This machine is perfect for color stripe fabric, this fabric is smooth, high production, and low cost.
Cylinder diameter Gauge Feeder RPM Power

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