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TECNORAMA has been founded on 1984. It develops and produces machinery for automatic dispensing of liquid and solid dyestuffs and chemicals for laboratory and bulk production – automatic dissolving system with automatic delivery to the different users – full automations of laboratories and small production by the combination between automatic dispensing machines with special robotized dyeing machines able to dye yarn, flock, fabric, knitwear textile materials.

This company is firmly committed to study and project new original systems in oder to offer to the market innovative solutions able to increase quality and process productivity at lower cost. Every year many investments are turned into research and development for new projects and new technologies.



These systems have been developed by TECNORAMA to solve quality and production problems in the management of the small lots of textile goods. Actually the whole dyeing process is manually done, consequently the cost is too high and the productivity is very low.

DOS&DYE® is a very interesting solution to increase the productivity and the quality at very low cost in front of the existing systems.

Today this field is strategic because the requirement of small lots and samplings is more and more popular due to the changes in the global market. Yarn, fabric, knitwear goods are easiest processed with the special solutions by using the relative DOS&DYE®.

DOS&DYE® is the acronym of the words: dosing and dyeing; it means that these systems are a combination between automatic dispensing machines and special robotized and automatic dyeing machines.

By using these particular systems we can manage, in a completely automatic way, the whole working cycles in the laboratory without any manual intervention and the system can work alone for many hours.

This is the most advanced solution in this particular field.



In order to complete the automation of dispensing in the dye-house, TECNORAMA has developed even some automatic dispensing systems for bulk production.

They are automatic machines for dispensing dyestuffs and chemicals either liquid and solid.

For the realization of these machines TECNORAMA adopted all most modern technologies and original technical solutions allowing high dispensing performances either for productivity and quality.

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