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Dyeing Machine MCS

Dyeing Machine MCS

MCSItaly has been established in 1963. Our mission is to guarantee a product which is always suitable to customer’s needs; to those customers are ‘loyal’ to MCS trade mark or new ones who recently discovered our reality; we are proposing the novelties resulting from our research.

A product rich of technology, innovation adn reliability, in line with our style, results of our continuous researches and tests directly in the dyehouses. On this purpose, we appreciated the precious and numerous collaborations received by our customers.

Our group is glad to offer all our enthusiasm, experience and the daily hard work to go on with the adventure started almost 50 years ago and which is expected to continue giving excellent fruits in the future.

We look at our future with new stimuli ahead and for this reason we will endeavour to manufacture more performing and reliable.


  1. High-temperature rope dyeing machines
  2. High-temperature jiggers
  3. Low-temperature jiggers
  4. Special embodiment jiggers (110 °c)
  5. High-temperature beam dyening machines
  6. Low-capacity rope dyeing machines
  7. Laboratory rope dyeing machines
  8. Process control equipment
  9. Rope and open width knitwear washing units
  10. Mercerizing units
  11. Steamers
  12. Scouring,bleaching,mercerizing,after-print, washing lines
  13. Complete layout of dyeing and printing houses
  14. Automation for in-house and external lines by (Termoelettronica)

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